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Realistic Nova 8, Nova 8B, Optimus 5, Optimus 5B, Mach One parts - drivers, tweeters etc

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Hi, am trying to get some of my old speakers up to where they should be at so they can sing sweetly again!

I'm currently after some tweeters particularly (open to hearing about any other parts also) for Realistic Nova 8s and 8Bs, Optimus 5 and Optimus 5Bs.

For the Nova 8s, I require 2 x 0705AC  4 ohm tweeters (both blown in the set)

For the Nova 8s, Optimus 5s and Optimus 5Bs, I require 1 x 0725AC 8 ohm tweeters (currently one blown but if I can't get the tweeters above for the Nova8s I'll need 2 more of these to retrofit and alter that set of speaker sets to work).


If anyone could help out or have any leads of any kind anywhere, it would be most appreciated.

Fair prices and freight from anywhere happily paid.


Any parts for Mach One of any kind I'm also interested, mine need some love.


Thanks for your time





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