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Hey guys,

So I have inherited a turntable, amp, speakers and a record collection, I had intended on previously getting a setup and also have a couple of records in the cupboard from local bands mostly out of planning on getting one but never getting round to it.

Now with this gear its time to get it properly set up. It now all out or the cupboards and awaiting starting so I have a few questions about the gear and setup.


So the equiptment I have is an Era 444 turntable, Armstrong 626 amp, and Akai SW-M345 speakers.

So first off, is this good gear?


With older stereo equiptment, would this need to be serviced or anything before I start using it? And is there anything to look out for before getting it going?


In terms of the speakers, I dont belive they were used with this system prior but got mixed up in the process so they dont have the right connector on them, have worked out that the amp is 2 din plugs, so will just solder the existing speaker cable to the plugs, is there anything I should be worried about doing this?


Anyway, yeah sorry for all the questions on this, but very excited to get set up and rolling, and hoping this stuff will still be working and good to use!

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A few simple internet searches indicate it is mostly 1970s gear of lower quality, but may have been regarded higher in their day.


The TT might be worth keeping going and maybe worth about $50-200, amp if working about $20-50 and speakers $20 all used prices. The only way to see if they are working is to find connectors and try them out. Places like Altronics and Jaycar should still have din connections.


Does any of it power up, if not personally I wouldn’t bother unless you have sentimental attachment. 50 year old gear unless of collector value is not worth pursuing and will need servicing ($100-200 per item depending what is wrong and if parts can still be found), when not working is mostly destined for the dust bin.

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Nigel liked the Armstrong


After his service he said..


Final words.

Hows it sound. I like it. Smooth and clean. Tuner locks onto signal even with no antenna connected.

Only 40 watts, but its a nice 40 watts.




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Thanks guys! I have been searching more and more, found some potions of manuals which has helped understand the sounterweight.


I have the plugs so will try my hand at soldering on the weekend the swap the speaker wire to 2 din, connect it up and see if it still works.

I THINK the styli might be in need of replacing as the needle doesnt loom straight, but should know soon, will just try on one of the records i dont reaply carr about (maybe C'Mon Aussie).

Really hoping it all works as it looks beautiful so hopefully sounds it too, checked and they both power up which is a good start.


That said if it needs servicing, styli or any repairs, as you mentioned AI.M, it is probably not worth the money. So will likely just put the money towards a turntable/speaker combo as a clean start.


Thanks again for the thoughs guys, and for that link, muon (nothing showed up when searching for myself in the forum beyond my intro post, so cheers!)

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The spkrs are probably the weak link, think you would do better than $50- for the 626 amp though not worth the full rebfurb. It certainly would be some retro bling if that's what you are after (people spend a fortune on antique furniture that is barely functional). If the amp has sentimental value then maybe spend $50-$100 on replacing some caps etc... Also better that you have a listen to it and decide if it sounds ok, it's a cap coupled amp (service manual on hifiengine) the sound may surprise you.

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