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Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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Got gifted this for Christmas and really enjoyed it.


Have always liked the character of Miles since he first showed up in the Ultimate comics and getting to play as him was great fun.


Although both are Spider-men, Insomniac Games have managed to make playing as Miles feel different to playing as Peter by utilising his unique powers.


On a whole I would say the game is more accessible to casual gamers than the original was as it isn't nearly as long nor does it have as exhaustive a list of side quests. 


Insomniac have made some quality of life improvements too, and although I played on PS4 Pro, it still looked very slick. Recommended!


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A very short game but sumptuously graphically beautiful and simply perfect gameplay. The story is not really very interesting, the bosses are not crazy either but I have to say that I loved this game despite its few flaws.

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