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Hi All,


Need some advice where I can buy entertainment units that have weight loads 50kgs (or beyond) for each shelf.

I'm in Vic and I'm still having a hard time finding them.

Attached is my current "setup", and yes, I need to sell some recievers I've accumulated over the years.


Prefer a 3 tier unit, so top, middle and bottom shelf, each with loads beyond 50kgs.

My currently tempered glass entertainment unit is really annoying, especially since I have such heavy beasts to accomodate.


As you can see in the second photo, I've settled on using the old Denon AVR-4308 Mothership, with Marantz PM8006 driving the centre channel (pre from the Denon) whilst also using the Marantz to drive my 2ch needs.


On a side note, I still can't believe after 11+ years, the AVR4308 is still purring along, and I'm the second owner.  I know it doesn't matter these days, but it matters to me - Made in Japan always when it comes down to big beasts.




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Can’t see exactly how your pictured shelf system is designed, whether there are any metal frames support each level, but try and find ones with them, use two separate units or some well made wooden entertainment units are very sturdy.


Gumtree has many cheaper options as well at 1/4 the price with people trying to rid them.

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Wildwood Designs in Sydney. They custom built all my furniture - all Australian made in Aus hardwoods. Quality that is first rate. 

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In Victoria I’d contact John at Aranmar Acoustics in Moorabbin.  He custom builds, and has built 2 or 3 entertainment cabinets for me.  Fantastic construction.  He’s been doing this exact type of work for many years.





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Similar dilemma last year when we moved house.

Couldn't find what I needed at an affordable price, so had to think outside the box.

Drew up plans for a custom unit, but I finished up getting a solid 2nd-hand Chinese-style buffet which had drawer/cabinet widths that were suitable for hifi components and modified it to suit my needs.

Converted two of the 3 drawers to shelves for the Marantz ST-17 and Marantz NR-1508.

The Turntable, TV (with after-market adjustable stand), Centre Speaker & Integrated amp sit on top.

I moved the shelves in the cabinets below and they now house the LPs, the BluRay player and a few peripheral devices.

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