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Hi Fi Deck, All Decked Out for Christmas... Let's See Yours!

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Our first Christmas in the new place, and the decorations are just like the Hi Fi unit: humble, discreet, and just the beginning...


I'd love to see the Christmas decorations of everybody here, and how their AV equipment gets incorporated (if at all). I'll show you mine if you show me yours! 🙂




Yes, that's Rudolph hogging up the primary listening position. That selfish b$@#!


What you're looking at: Windows PC music / video streamer > KEF LSX > Yamaha Musiccast 100 woofers (Yamaha calls them "subwoofers" but nope, they're more suited for bass, not ultra-low bass)... Like I said, humble and a beginning 🙂 By this time next year I'll hopefully have introduced some MiniDSP active crossover action, and a real subwoofer (or two).


Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄

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Hi Quinn. I am a little surprised nobody else posted. I thought audio hobbyists love showing off their gear.  Your LSXs look nicely hidden in plain sight. I have a house full of Musiccast too. Here is my main setup:





You are looking at:

1. Epson TW8300

2. Custom made HTPC

3. Yamaha RX-V2081

4. Emotiva XPA2 Gen 3


6. Yamaha SW300 sub

7. Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019

8. Eero wifi unit

9. Tangent Clarity 8 - used as surrounds


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