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Noticed an issue with my M25, purchased sh through forum.


Some background, using 5 channels in 5.1.4 setup.


Front left to amp 1

Amp 2 not in use

Rear left amp 3

Centre amp 4

Rear right amp 5

Amp 6 not in use

Front right amp 7


After a while running, not loud 

Amp 1 led off

Amp 2 led on

Amp 3 led sometimes flashes on off

Amp 4567 no issue


No issue with sound, channel still audible


Left side of amp is quite hot which covers 123 amps

4567 remain quite cool


Haven't as yet found fans to come on, the are 3 at bottom in rear


Thinking fans are not working, but why are left side amps hot and right are not?



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Seems it got worse, as in hotter. Then amp1 went red and no sound.


I had it on its side to assess fans, they don't work.

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It's turned off now. I did try moving front left from amp1 to amp 2, banana plug came apart, wondered if that could be issue. But either way, no fans.

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I messaged NAD Australia and did not get a response.


Googled HiFi repair in Ballarat and found John Thomas Electrical. Their web page sounded promising including vintage HiFi. Called them and have dropped amp of to them. Guy I spoke to stated their repairer was an older gentleman and possibly the best in Victoria. Quite a claim, but I think they will certainly be able to assist with my M25. 

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