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SOLD: FS: Musical Paradise MP-D2 MK3 DELUXE DAC

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Item Condition: Very good - some marks on case as per photos
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Wollongong
State: NSW
Payment Method: Paypal (F&F or buyer pays 3% fees), EFT
Reason for selling: Too Many DACs on the dance floor

As part of my quest to become @MattyW's doppelganger my new Abbas Audio DAC has arrived and its time to move on my beloved, highly specced Musical Paradise DAC - i think the only DAC i know of that can be constantly upgraded since you can literally just buy new DAC chips and slot them in (including the latest AK4499)


  • Originally purchased as a MK2 in 2018
  • Fully upgraded to a MK3 Deluxe in Feb 2020 - all internals replaced, only the case remains from the original.
  • All original capacitors and tubes come with the system.
  • Has been fully upgraded for RCA output - 2 x Mundorf Silver Oil capacitors and two Cornell Dubilier bypass capacitors. 
  • Two sets of upgraded DAC chips over stock (yes, you can swap them over in about 30 seconds) - a pair of AK4497 (+$199 USD) and a pair of ESS9038PRO (+$280 USD) chips. 
  • upgraded MK3 USB Board With Crystek 957 Femto Clocks (+$99 USD)
  • Output tubes - NOS early 1960s Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8s - approximately 80 hours.
  • Two rectifier tubes - one Genelex Gold Lion GZ34 (20 hours) and a Tubestore Preferred Series 274b (can't put the lid on with this one on tho!). 
  • Some marks on the case as per photos.
  • Price is firm, no trades wanted thanks. 


More info and reviews here: https://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=97 - there are several other SNA members including @MrBurns84@tntman and @TONYCH31 who have one who can vouch for their awesomeness to price ratio. 

Happy to ship well packaged at buyers cost and risk. 








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6 minutes ago, snurb said:

Bargain! With the updates here, you will not get better sound for anywhere near this price. GLWTS.


Yep!!  this is the one dac that has satisfied and emptied my wallet on many occasions.  The joys of cap/tube combo rolling is nearly endless and the differences are easily heard.  This will not last long.

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7 minutes ago, Sean Perth said:


hopefully will get mine on Friday 

looking forward to putting it in my system 😃

you're gonna love it - what DAC chips did you get ? 

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