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FS: Ascension Summoner Phase III 863SQTL and Matching centre Speaker with QED XT40 cables

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Item Condition: 9/10: Near new
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Oran Park
State: NSW
Payment Method: PayPal + Fees
Reason for selling: Need fund

Further information:

Regretful sale of my amazing set of Ascension speakers made right here in Australia by Edward from Adelaide speakers. These were purchased in Feb this year and I have been very happy and satisfied with these set. I am forced to sale these and downgrade my HT setup due to unexpected need for additional fund.


Very well made and amazing value for the price. I have been very happy with them since I got these speakers. These are the only speakers that put an end to my upgraditis for speakers with their really clean highs and amazing tight bass, with this speakers I have not had the need to have my subwoofer on, and at times I did prefer to listen to without the sub as they produce really clean deep bass down to 28hz.


These are in excellent condition, purchased in Feb 2020 and are about 9 months old.


I had been running these speakers in my HT room with QED XT40 Speaker cables which are also included in this sale and price. 


The white version currently pictured on Edward's website are these same speakers.



Included in this sale is;

1 x Pair of Ascension Summoner Phase III 863SQTL Transmission line floorstanding speakers

1 x Ascension Trio Phase III 253SQ Centre speaker

1 x Pair of QED XT40 speaker cable with Factory terminated banana plugs in 3m length for main L + R Speakers

1 x QED XT40 speaker cable with self terminated Origin banana plugs in 2m length for Centre speaker



- Summoner 863SQTL 3-way transmission line hybrid floor speakers, 1020h x 240w x 310d in white non- veneer finish, 8 ohms, 8” SB Acoustics bass driver, SB Acoustics 5” midrange, smooth 25mm soft dome wave guide tweeter, high order series crossover.

Cabinet: 1020h x 240w x 315d Transmission Line loading
Power Handling: 140 wrms
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 28 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 91 dB 1w/1m



- Trio 253SQ centre channel, 800w x 160h x 310d in same white finish as above, 8 ohms, SB Acoustics
5.5” bass x 2, 4” midrange x 2, smooth 25mm soft dome wave guide tweeter, and high order series crossover.

Cabinet: 800w x 160h x 315d bass reflex 24 litres
Power Handling: 160 wrms (@ 60Hz plus)
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 53 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 91dB 1w/1m



Please note, centre speaker has imperfection in one of the corner as pictured. It looks lot worse in the photo than it is and with the grill on it is not visible. Also, the floorstanders originally came with Gold spikes with 3M stickers, which I have removed and had been using IsoAcoustics ISO PUCKs as footers (ISO PUCKs are not included in this sale). I will include the gold spikes and shoes but know that you will need a double sided round tape to put these on. 


These speakers originally cost me around $2000 when purchased new from Edward. So, for the price of only the floorstander speakers you are also getting a matching centre speakers and QED XT40 speaker cables which in self are additional $600 and in new condition. Invoice is provided with this sale.


Prefer to sale as a lot and local pickup only from Oran Park NSW 2570.



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2 hours ago, Sceeta said:

Bargain alert here. Someone is going to a very happy camper if santa gets these for them. Good luck with the sale, I doubt you'll need it. 

 100% agreed.    I recently bough a tweaked set of slight larger Summoners (9.5" upgraded bass and upgraded Satori treble, + birds-eye maple veneer) and I can report that are TRULY impressive.       For the price, pretty much impossible to beat.


So this set with added center and cables.....HYPER-bargain!!      :)   

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I have listened to the actual speaker units that are being offered for sale and can vouch for the superb sound quality and dynamics.  They are excellent right through the frequency range.  I’d buy them but Edward is making 7 custom units for me.  

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       SB Acoustic drivers were designed in Denmark by ex Scan-Speak engineers.
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      The Emit Series - True Dynaudio sound quality and high-end's highest value.
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      The M20 features a linear impedance and high power handling capabilities, making integration into any system relatively easy. Dynamics are exceptional, and the combination of its precisely tuned bass reflex enclosure and the incredible performance capabilities of the Dynaudio mid/bass driver ensure the class-leading bass performance. 
      A step up in performance from the smaller M10 model, the compact Dynaudio Emit M20 exhibits true high-end sound quality and exceptional value, proudly continuing the tradition of exceptional Dynaudio compact loudspeaker designs.

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      Item Condition: Used Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: PICTON State: NSW Payment Method: Paypsl, EFT, Cashbon Pickup. Reason for selling: Change in circumstance. NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS STAGE.
      Price Drop.
      Cary Audio SLP90 (SLP98) TUBE PRE-AMPLIFIER 
      This is one of Cary's earlier high end pre-amps that later became the SLP94 and then the SLP98. Whereas the SLP98 has solid state rectification, this one uses tubes with separate power supply and dual adjustable gain controls.
      The SLP 90 is point-to-point wired pre-amplifier with no circuit boards. The power supply is external to keep the hum away. It has a very low, 500 Ohm output impedance, making it compatible with even 'the pickiest' solid state amplifiers. Needless to say, it's compatible with tube power amplifiers. This low output impedance is also helpful with long interconnects.
      Listening to the Cary Audio SLP-90 you will immediately realize that you are hearing a tube sound. It produces a large, open sound-stage and makes mid-range sound just magical. Voices particularly are rich and wonderfully textured. The low frequencies are very natural, neutral and rich.
      Unit has 220V  Power Supply. Black non-faded anodized front and chrome chassis. Some texts are faded. The chrome chassis is in very good condition.
      This unit was serviced by Cary Audio USA in 2016.
      I have  inner and outer box and power supply unit box. This unit is line stage only without the phono stage. All tubes in the pictures including the spares are included
      TUBES ;
      - 12AX7A (ECC83) 2X
      - 12AU7A (ECC82) 4X
      - 6CA4 2X
      -220V Power Supply.
      -Paypal accepted.
      Shipment will consist of two boxes; one for the pre-amp and tubes, the other for the external power supply.
      Worldwide shipment. Buyer pays associated PayPal and freight fees.
      Audition/Test welcome at suitable time.
      I will respond to all emails.
       Thanks for looking.

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