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WTB: Cheap pair of active speakers

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Price Range: $50-$100
Item Condition: Used
Extra Info:


Dont need anything fancy at all, Im just getting my friend set up with his first system and could do with a cheap pair of active speakers (small bookshelfs ideally) as placeholders while they shop around for something special.


Location Collingwood and Flemington, happy to collect or arrange postage.





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Have look at Edifier speakers on eBay.

For around $250 there's the Pioneer DM40, 

They're really quite good, I sold a $600 pair of monitors and kept the Pioneer because they're more balanced.

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Not a big fan of budget active spkrs. You are stuck with a budget amp with budget drivers. If funds are tight suggest technics SB-1950 floor standers (but real estate is probably an issue since the request for active bookshelf), in any case the SB-1950's can be had for about $70-$100, they look ordinary(?) and the highs are somewhat harsh (recap crossover) but the tones, sound stage and bass are decent. I picked mine up for $80- and use then to demo budget amps, be misleading(?) to use the osborn epitome's. Plenty of cheap vintage amps about...

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