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SOLD: FS: Seaton Sound F18i Subwoofer

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Maroubra
State: NSW
Payment Method: PayPal or cash on pickup
Reason for selling: No longer have room for it unfortunately.

Further information:


This subwoofer is very similar in performance to the F18+ shown on the Seaton Sound website, but please note that it will not power additional slave subwoofers.  The "i" in the model name just means that it's the international version modified for 240v operation.


The Seaton Sound F18i is a sealed 18 inch subwoofer offering 1,200w of continuous power and 2,400w of burst power, and it has no trouble at all producing loads of output down to 20Hz and below even in large rooms.  It's a beast!


I bought it direct from Seaton Sound in early 2019 and the finish is real black maple.  I still have all of the original packaging.  The dimensions in millimetres are 600 x 600 x 480 (H x W x D).





















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2 hours ago, roachy said:

Not another subwoofer 😂


You know me too well.. :( ...


Its also a part of me regrets having sold off my one and only 18" subs i had previously (2 subs, each had 2x 18"), they weighed 150kg each, and was just unworkable to move around or fit them into the area i wanted to fit them. I got somewhat conned into selling them a lot lower than i should have. Been wanting to get a 18" again and i figured this would fit in well with my subMs. 


I cant find any info on it on the site, only the f18+ which is the master / slave amp. Is it the older model or a special order model andhence the special amp / different amp? 

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4 hours ago, lonewolf said:

. Is it the older model or a special order model andhence the special amp / different amp? 

    Probably special order for the 240 volt market as indicated by the i.  Like my Submersive amp that is the Master/Slave  unit. The 6000 watt version thing. The US version is less powerful, does same thing in driving Master/Slave but has less output 4000 watt iirc.

Had a bit of a look around, he still does 240 volt per  F18i+ 6000W, 240V version   

 But can't find the version in this sub, may have dropped that line I guess. 


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This is Mark's new amp for the international market, the lower power (compared to the previous 6kw master/slave model) means it doesn't need the ground pin which helps lower the lower the chance of ground loops/hum. I have 3 of these new amps and IMHO they are a big improvement on the older 1kw amps. They have low frequency adjust, auto on, delay, 12v trigger etc

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