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Ideas to upgrade system and some questions

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16 hours ago, Graywulf said:

Detail alone can end up quite fatiguing. It sounds impressive to start with, but after a short period of time (maybe 2-3 albums) it becomes tiring.  I can (and have) spent a day/night long listening session with my system, and I am still enjoying and relaxed after several hours.

  To answer your question, I am loathe to part with equipment until it its superseded lol. Tube gear can be fine for many many hours, but one catastrophic valve failure can mean a trip to the tech. So I learnt to 'keep a spare'. Generally it's my 'just replaced' amp, so the one that was 'back up' for that gets sold. I have a '2nd' system in the bedroom that has KEF Concerto's and I sometimes plonk the reserve gear on that set up.

   Re my bigger amp (more power) comment, my friend/tech built a 400+watt pc amp, and drives a pair of classic IMF TLS80 speakers with it (80 watt speakers) Taking into account different designs you can plug in the monoblocks I bought from him (120watt) and his 400+watt, and the 'control' on the bass at higher volume is noticeable.

Ahhh ok.. sort of like a back-up so you will never be without, but can also change if felt the need.

Loving to tinker myself i just fantasized  about swapping things in and out. 

Fatiguing, I new this was a thing but didn't understand it myself until i got my current setup, I'd come from sonos to where im at now, and it was a stuggle to get through an album with sonos, exactly like you say though.. tiring..






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Exactly.. u need a point of reference and the more systems you listen to the better your informed decision would be to a purchase Ditto.  What you like as in your system, your room, your music.

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