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Values - CEC Harksound BD 3200 and Dual 1229

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Hi All, I have been offered a couple of turntables,


CEC Harksound BD 3200. It looks near mint to me, As very much a novice I have no idea about cartridges' etc. and I know the can effect price.

I have been asked to make an offer. Any ideas on value and if it is a decent turntable?


The other is a Dual 1229. Again, in very neat condition although not as clean as the CEC. Same deal, wants me to make an offer. Any ideas on a price and overall qualities and features of the

two turntables would be much appreciated.


I'm not much of a wheeler and dealer, prefer to offer a fair price first up and be done with it rather than disrespect people with silly offers. Any advice

would be much appreciated.





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Being asked to "make an offer" without some kind of guide for what the seller thinks they are worth is pretty disrespectful in itself.


The value will vary tremendously depending on whether they are fully functional (have you tested them?  Particularly the Dual as it's a fully automatic player).  Might be an idea to get at least a few details of the cartridges.


However, my gut feel would be the CEC is probably a $50-$100 turntable at best.  You can buy good, name brand turntables with equivalent performance brand new from JB Hi Fi.


The Dual could be anywhere from $150-$350 depending on condition.  Not sure I would pay anything more than $350 for the Dual and it would have to be absolutely mint.  They have good resale value because nobody makes anything like them any more and likely nobody ever will.


The CEC...the company was mostly known as a builder of turntables for other people.  That doesn't make them rubbish, but it does affect the value of the table itself.  

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Thanks Old Man Rubber, that's really helpful. Both look like nice vintage players which is where my interest lies. Not sure my hearing will ever allow me to be a true audiophile but I'm enjoying listening to vinyl again .


Almost afraid to say but using an old  HMV 8+8 at the moment. Just after something nice to pair with an old Rotel RA 610 Amp (would love the matching RT 620 Tuner if ones out there?) As I'm very much on a budget I didn't want to pay too much, which I'm now thinking I would have done with regards to the CEC.





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Probably too late now to be relevant to the OP but CEC make bullet proof TT's.....speed accurate, built like a tank and generally, excellent SQ. I have a BD3200, replinthed and internally dampened it and it sounds fantastic!




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