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Hi all,

At the moment it seems that I am spending a lot of time understanding different SS power amp circuits. I have lots of dead samples on which to conduct post-mortems.  Recently revived a HK PM650 and can't believe how good it sounds. Not quite as good as my original, not-dead Sansui 1000a valve amp that I have owned since 1978. My objective, before I get too much older and can't hold a soldering iron steadily, is to create a smooth, powerful 3-channel amp to play back my collection of RCA Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence 3-channel SACDs.  But first I have to work out why one power-amp channel of my Luxman L510 is resisting attempts to be fixed, whereas the other one accepted its new resistors (replacing fusible items that lived up to their name) and transistors gracefully.

It's a process of elimination and better than crossword puzzles...

Looking forward to reading what others are up to.

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