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Hi Folks,


I am a newbie to HT systems and this is my first post here, so apologies if this sounds stupid/ is a repeated post.


I have a small lounge room 3 x 4.5 x 2.6, where am setting up my basic home theatre.

I always wanted to have an Atmos set up, but as my room is small, I am having issues placing my rear right speaker.
I am following the Dolby guide to place my speakers (https://www.dolby.com/siteassets/about/support/guide/setup-guides/5.1.2-overhead-speaker-placement/sell-sheet-5.1.2-mounted.pdf), as per this, the rear speakers should be between 110-120 degrees from the center listening position,  at ear height.

The problem I am having is that, I have my door in that exact same angle on the right side.  If I want to wall mount, the best I can manage is either 90 degrees or 160 degrees from the center listening position (160 from center position would be 180 degrees for some one sitting on the right end of the couch).

 The work around I can think of is to have this speaker on a stand and only move it to the desired angle when HT is in use.

I don't want to move the couch forward a lot (to create the angle and get away from the door) as the room is small and our current viewing distance is around 3-3.5m (from screen).

The rear speakers are Yamaha NS 333 bookshelves.


Any advise on the speaker placement/work around would be welcome.


Thank you

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