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SOLD: FS: PS Audio Stellar M 700 monoblock amp. (silver pair)

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Item Condition: Excellent - like new
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Mermaid Beach
State: QLD
Payment Method: EFT or cash
Reason for selling: NLR - going integrated eventually

Further information:

For sale is a pair of PS Audio Stellar M700 monoblock amplifiers.  They are silver in colour and in as new condition.


Bought new from Magenta Audio in October 2019. Unfortunately I cannot find the original invoice.


Just for full disclosure:

The amps were sent to HiFi Collector in SA to be used as part payment towards a new integrated amplifier.

Due to Covid and a very unfortunate set of circumstances affecting the manufacturer, HiFi Collector very kindly allowed me to cancel the order and returned the amps to me.


Also, when packing the amps to HiFi Collector I noticed the serial numbers were not the same or sequential.  I contacted Magenta Audio and they assured me this was fine. To be honest I'd not noticed this previously and it certainly didnt bother me.


Once again this info is for full disclosure.


The amps are very powerful and possess that beautiful tone and presence that some valve amps have. Smooth and detailed with powerful bass. They also run cool and economical on power usage.


Shipping information:

2 x boxs @

 L 57cm x W 46cm x H 24cm  per box

 Wt: 8kg per box


Once again the amps are in as new condition and come with all original paperwork and packaging.


Happy to help in any way regarding info and shipping.

Thanks for looking.






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Picked up the two channel S300 version today. Very impressed at the sound! 


Wife also mentioned she could hear details never heard before and 'it sounds like someone is playing the piano over there'... can't get a better recommendation than that.

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it's always nice when the wife can hear the difference too.  I always ask my wife what she thinks of a new piece of HiFi.

You're right, they always give an unbiased comment. No other recommendation needed!!!!


Jon Snow

I hope someone else sees it your way too.


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13 hours ago, paulk said:


Jon Snow

I hope someone else sees it your way too.


IME these amps deliver so much impact - clear , transparent highs, solid and rich mids and very tight and kicking bass.  Their control of the speakers is impressive. A constant pleasure to listen to. 

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Jon Snow

That is a very accurate description of these amps. I feel they are very underrated. 

I was only replacing these with a very expensive single ended triode integrated.

Unfortunately that is on  hold for the time being.


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