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WTB: Compact CD Player

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Item:  Compact CD Player
Price Range: TBC
Item Condition: Used
Extra Info:


New Rega Brio model that has half width would be ideal but it is too expensive for me so looking for alternative CD player that has similar footprint. Any model would be okay as long as it sounds good and width is half of the rack so does not take full space.


If you have one, plz shoot me a PM.


Thank you......


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Hi - saw this and realised I have a vintage (c 2001 or so) Mission DaD1 player which is in a half rack size format. Dug it out and took a few photos of it with some other equipment for scale (it is sitting on top of a normal sized NAD player).


 Im listening to it now and it sounds fine, no skipping or weirdness despite having been on a shelf for a few years. Needs some new rubber feet (old ones have gone sticky) but apart from that its fine. I replaced the laser mechanism before it went into storage so should last plenty of time. Its a nice unit with a cool display, and I have a remote somewhere for it I think.


Anyway let me know if any interest !





20201204_173123 (2).jpg

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