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SOLD: FS: Fully refurbished KEF Reference 104.2 speakers

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Item Condition: Mint
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Perth
State: WA
Payment Method: Cash
Reason for selling: Not being used

For sale is a set of legendary KEF Reference 104.2 speakers. 

These have been professionally refurbished with no expense spared as I intended to keep them.  Here's a link to the refurbishment thread: 

Unfortunately these have been sitting wrapped up in storage, unused since March, and after some pleasant conversations with the wife have decided to be practical about things.


The work undertaken includes:

  • Cabinets completely refurbished and finished in laminate, which has added significant bracing to the cabinets,
  • Original tweeters serviced with new Ferro fluid installed,
  • New dust caps to the mid drivers,
  • Crossovers refurbished with MF and HF caps upgraded,
  • CMC heavy duty copper binding posts,
  • Grille frames rebuilt and recovered with quality cloth, and 
  • custom plinths with threaded metal inserts for spikes.


These are a phenomenal speaker and were an engineering triumph by KEF in the day. 


I have no doubt that this is the best set available for sale anywhere!  


Local pickup only thanks.




















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Absolutely superb and probably better than new.


Nobody does re furbs on speakers better than Pete.

Buy with 100% confidence.


I just wish I needed speakers and could pick up, but someone in WA should grab these masterpieces and be happy forever.

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9 minutes ago, metal beat said:

I remember I lusted for these speakers back in the 80's but could never afford them.


GLWS, but these seem super cheap.


Exactly the same here. These have always been objects of desire in my book.

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Peter-F - Kudos to you  and your speaker dude for this restoration.   I know these are wonderful speakers - had some for 20 years.


However. I was NOT so lucky as you.  I put them in (fully working in good overall condition) to have the crumbling dust-caps in the bass drivers cleaned out and refirbed.  Prior to driving them in 100kms to the dude in Sydney (name withheld, but a big business) we talked on email.   Me: "Are you sure you know what you are doing?"    Response:  "No problems - done loads of these 104's before."   Quoted me $400 labor, maybe $20 for parts     

So lugged them in, and he then tore them apart to get to the drivers.   Once in pieces, I got an email.........."Jeez...much harder than I though...now in pieces.  Price will now be $1200, and no work will be done till you pay the extra".

To say the least, I was spitting chips!   After some tense discussions, in the end I had to walk way from them, and it became his problem.   2  months later I saw he'd rebuilt them and put them on ebay for over $2K.

Still make me angry.   :(

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Hi Guys


Thanks for the compliments regarding the work on these speakers, and yes it looks as though I have definitely underpriced them a bit, but too late now.  


For those who may have an interest in these, they do like a very capable SS amp with some grunt to get the best out of them.





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