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SOLD: FS: Lenehan Audio ML1+R w/Dynaudio 3X Stands

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Item Condition: Used
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Maidstone
State: VIC
Payment Method: Cash/EFT/Paypal
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:


I knew this day would come eventually. I was hoping to have a little more time with these but unfortunately my lease and house build didn't have the kind of timelines I'd hoped for. So I'm moving in with a friend for a bit and I won't have space to set up my system there so these will need to either go into storage or go to a good home, I'd personally prefer the latter.


These were my first serious speaker, upgrading from an Elac Uni-Fi UB5. I could immediately see why these speakers are so highly regarded. They have a tiny footprint but they are capable of filling a room. Built beautifully with decent muscle required to carry them. If you're someone who's looking at buying the KEF LS100, which people say are more or less on par with the Elacs I had, and you can push the boat out a little more, you won't be disappointed with these.


From what I can see the left speaker is pretty much unmarked, couldn't find anything of note. The right speaker has two tiny dents at the front, one at the top and one at the bottom and the left rear appears to have had some touch up paint. Obviously you need to look for these to actually spot them because the piano black finish on these hides them pretty well. Stands are in okay condition, they do have some scratches on them, but you only notice it up close.


I do have the box but these are heavy and I'm lazy so preference will be given to someone to comes to pick these up, I will help you get these into your car if you need. Stands are yours as well, filled with the finest dry sand from Bunnings. I am sad to see these go but all good things must come to an end.




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  • Cardiiiii changed the title to FS: Lenehan Audio ML1+R w/Dynaudio 3X Stands

1 hour ago, Bunno77 said:

I am interested in the stands if you are willing to split/the buyer doesn't want them and if they can be shipped to Bris

Sorry mate, I don't have any boxes so shipping isn't an option, thanks.

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Wow, very surprised still for sale!

Hell of a lot of speaker for this price. 

Always been highly impressed with the Lenehan sound, and they have amazing low end punch for their size!

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