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Audio definition speakers x2

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They are similar in layout to the Duntech models of yesteryear, and when they came out in the early 1990s undercut Duntech considerably. These would be a bit like the Marquis, for comparison purposes. I've owned a couple of pairs of Marquis over the years, and they would sell these days secondhand for $3k I think.

My current speakers are Alon V by Acarian Systems, and when I worked in the hifi business (1988-2014 -amended the typo!) they were the best sound I could get secondhand for under $4k - so good in fact that I couldn't find anything in the store for under $10k new that sounded as good - there were actually things around at well above $10k that didn't do what the Alons do.

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1 hour ago, Spinnergeoff said:

when I worked in the hifi business (1988-2104)

A lot of knowledge there!

Though you say the Audio Definitions undercut the Duntechs in price, they probably did it well. I have listened to the much more modest Duet version with pleasure.

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Unfortunately it’s near impossible for Aussies to give robust feedback on the potential value of speakers which are extremely rare here (where they were manufactured) with next to no recent sales, especially when applying it to an overseas context. 

Unless people in the UK know what they are looking at, you could easily put £500 on them and get no nibbles.

If you are not urgent to sell them, I’d suggest starting at £2000 and do your research, trawling this forum and others for the background to the speakers including all of the brochures posted on the forum, and try to sell them based upon reputation and documentation. 


Remember that these are not well known speakers, despite being magnificent! If they don’t move, keep dropping the price. 

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The company actually sold a heap to China which is ironic given how much stuff we import from there, they are well made speakers using high quality drivers and crossovers and when they displayed the speakers at CES in the US they were very popular.


Hard to work out what they are worth nowadays.


One of the former owners is a member here but I don't think she gets on much. 


This member @Zaphod Beeblebrox actually worked with them and built the speakers if my memory serves me correctly.

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Hi they look like Audio definition STATIS but the mids and the tweeter are different from the originals.i have a pair of the STATIS speakers and are fantastic speakers and sold for $10,000 new.mine were specials made in grey but normal colour is black .there is someone selling a pair on eBay for $3,300 thanks






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