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Campfire Audio Owners Thread

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Hi, im just looking for opinions on the campfire audio cascades to help me decide on a purchasing them. Im curious what you think about the bass? Is it excessive? The fr looks decent, pretty flat through mids, minor raise in treble. Ive heard some say its v shaped, others not. 

For comparisons i think the meze neo or vmoda crossfades are the bassist hps ive heard, how does it compare to those.(didnt mind the bass on neos but they sounded muddy to me)

Basically, ive got a few open backs, senns hd800s, 600s, lcd2 fazor, working on getting clears(owned them, stupidly sold them) i need a closed back, figured the cascades being portable, having a bassy sound would fill a gap in collection but concerned they may be to much bass with recessed in mids.


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