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WTB: Linn Sondek LP12 Outer Platter

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  Maybe contact  @evil c he had an old hybrid thing that had Linn bits in it, he might still have a platter.


A member in Sydney had a old bitza too but I can't remember the exact details. I'll look in my PM's and see if I can find it. He sent me pics of the thing after someone had taken to the whole plinth and drilled and screwed clips but in the wrong place and tried to upgrade the internals of it and then the new owner de-constructed it.

I think he was selling the thing in bits and pieces rather than try to get it going again and if I understand Linn gear now, the LP12's have become more valuable if you break them down to individual bits than try to get a good price for a whole upgraded unit.


I'll pm you if I can find the details.

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