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SOLD: PS Audio Stellar Powerplant P3 Black with FREE Isotek Evo3 Sequel Power Cable

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Secret Harbour
State: WA
Payment Method: Paypal, EFT, Cash on Pickup
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information: 


Recently purchased as a trade in unit.


I prefer the sound of my Dynaudio 600XD active speakers powered directly from the wall so have decided to move this on.


Current RRP $3895.00


Will be supplied with original double box packaging, standard power cord and remote control.


I will include my Isotek Ev03 Sequel Power Cable, without original packaging.


This price is firm.


 Shipping and insurance if requested extra.






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  • If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved
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9 minutes ago, DMax said:

Does this reduce humming from amps? 


I have only used this with my Class D powered speakers which don’t hum so could not confirm.

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On 12/11/2020 at 8:29 PM, DMax said:

Does this reduce humming from amps? 


If they are coming from within your amps, no.

But if they are coming from your mains, then yes.

If you have a very sensitive amp/speaker, the hum will always be there at higher volumes.

That's just how they are built.

Hence why good speakers are very hard to drive, because they are less sensitive, and require more juice, so the tiny unwanted electrical signals can't produce hums due to lack of energy.

So, what are these for.


What would be easy to tell if these will be a benefit to you.

Would to be to ask yourself, do my music sound better at late night.

Of course exclude times when someone's vacuuming, coughing and cooking. 

We are talking about Sunday morning music sessions.


Does it still sound better at late night.


Then it's likely this power generator will help you.

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