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Record player mat

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This is awesome placemat available in ikea , it’s a little bigger, all you need to do is trim to size and that’s it.

Try it out and I think no regrets here.



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It certainly looks the part.

How much did you need to trim?


Edit: I had a look on the Ikea website and couldn't find it. When did you buy it?

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4 hours ago, metal beat said:


The mat looks very cool;


Spec's from the link: 

  • PANNÅ Place mat, dark blue
  • EVA plastic
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 65°C.
  • Width:  & Length: 37 cm



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It’s available in Sydney IKEA I picked  it up 3 weeks ago and yes it’s does not show on they website. You have to visit IKEA near you . 
Trimming is about 25 mm around.

used a old mat as a  template.

It really sits well and a album with static does not lift it out of place.

It does a good job.

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This is one of mine made from a IKEA cork place mat. They were slightly larger and I used a 6mm hole punch to form the hole.

The main reason I used them was to raise the arm at the head shell end to make it level. I use a rubber mat on top of this.

I remember the mats being round but this is the closes I can find.






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i remember seeing these a year back or so. i was going through another period where everything i come across was scoped for potential vinyl use.


so its good to see its been picked up and put to task

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