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Anyone into this show? It's on Prime Video and it's excellent. It's based on the film of the same name.


 It's about this girl (Hanna) who is busted out of a facility when she's a baby and hides out in the forest for years.


I won't give away anymore spoilers, but suffice to say this girl has some value/importance and there are CIA and shadow agencies in play. A bit like Bourne if he was a teenage girl.


It has some great music in it and is well weitten and acted. Very tense and has a cool vibe.

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I may have to check this out as I quite liked the film.

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I vaguely remember seeing some of the movie, but pretty sure I haven't watched it all. The show has been out for a year or two.


The show is very bingeworthy, but be careful. I unknowingly started watching the second season initially, so I may have spoilt some plot points for myself. Luckily I realised after 2 or so episodes.


The Prime app on Apple TV 4K (how I watch) automatically starts there. It's probably the same for other app versions.


One other interesting thing, if you don't currently have a subscription to Prime, I signed up via Apple TV and it was $5.99/m. I think that's a bit cheaper than usual. You can also get free trials, but I've done that before so assumed it wasn't worth trying, and at $6 a month, it's not worth mucking around. Since the last time I had a Prime sub, they've gotten a lot better content on the Video service, so I'll keep it for the time being.

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Hi All,


Have seen both series af Hanna and it is very good, the Prime cost is the same for all connections, I have noted in the past few months they have some newer movies for rent. With the Prime subscription you also get Amazon free shipping when you spend, I think it is $40+, even on items that Amazon have in their US warehouses.

If the item comes from an outside source you have to pay the shipping, handy if you are purchasing Vinyl LPs.



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It's definitely value for money. I've had Prime before and cancelled because I simply wasn't buying things on Amazon, nor watching anything on Prime Video.


They have a much better offering than when I was a Prime member before, including many good, recent release movies that are free for Prime members! This is pretty amazing tbh. Some of the titles I have payed to rent on Apple TV+ before and Joker, I bought. I haven't checked if the one on Prime is 4K like the version I bought.


Back to Hanna, I'm up to around episode 6 of s1, and the plot is evolving and remains quite interesting. They've created very good characters which is the main reason it isn't getting stale.

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On 30/10/2020 at 5:20 PM, Janjuc said:

the Prime cost is the same for all connections

It isn't actually. I just tried to play Amazon music and it asked me to sign up for Unlimited. I thought, "hang on, I started a prime membership, shouldn't I also get music"?


Turns out I'm only subscribed to Prime Video. I thought Prime was all encompassing. You subscribe to Prime and get Video, Music and the shipping and shopping benefits, but apparently if you sign up to PV via Apple TV like I did, you're not signing up to Prime, just PV. That's why it is $5.99/month not the usual $6.99. 

Considering PV is just a portion of Prime membership, it seems like Apple are rorting their customers, because they're charging almost the full amount for Prime, for just one portion. Anyway, glad I picked that up. I'll be cancelling and signing up through Amazon next month.

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