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Cartridge Recommendations For Project 1.2

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Oh gurus of the vinyl world I seek your assistance. Please be gentle with me as I’m a newbie.


A couple of years ago I decided to get back into my vinyl. I dug out my old Project 1.2 which I had purchased when I lived in the UK in the late 90’s. Plugged it into my Pioneer receiver (with built in phono stage) and really got back into my vinyl. All was well up until recently when disaster struck and the stylus got damaged. I was looking after a friends cat and it got intrigued by the round spinning thing. Nuff said.


It has an Orrofon 510 Mk2 on it. So my questions are.


Could you please suggest some alternative stylus/cartridges?  

Best replacement price for a 510 that I can find is $130. Any suggestions for something a bit cheaper?


After all these years the belt should also be replaced so should I just bite the bullet and replace the turntable? My budget is limited to about $400. 

Thanks in advance.


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Keep the TT, new belt would be cheap i guess?

with $400, you could get yourself a 2m blue and a seperate phono stage like the graham slee one that was listed here recently. I think it was a ‘communicator’ but any of his phono stages are great. 

$400 wont really get you a much better turntable than what you have

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AT95 should be in your $130  or under ballpark, but if you spend up to your $400 on a cartridge you can get a nice improvement, something along the lines of Garrott or Nagaoka.

Pre loved could even get you more bang for buck.

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