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making bookshelf or separate rear speakers out of focal sr1000 electra

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hi I have just bought a electra sr1000,

which has 2 6 inch drivers and 2 tweeters.

I am also guessing it will have 2 seperate crossovers because of the way you can wire up each side separately.

my question is can I throw these drivers and crossovers into other boxes and still get reasonable sound.

there is a screen shot of the options the speakers have and some photos. thanks steve







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If you putting them in another box which is approximately the same size/shape, and in a bipole configuration..... then sure.


If you're going to split them into two stereo speakers, then you'll need to redesign the crossover to get good performance.

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I was thinking of making them the rear speakers for a surround set-up. there are no ports in the speakers and there is a seperate crossover for each as it can run two seperate signals at the same time. like a left speaker and a rear speaker. there is also a separation between the two cabinets so in theory they are already 2 seperate speakers. 

what if I make the cabinets the same size as the one half would that work. crossovers should be the same signal yeah as they will be on the wall and same volume speaker 

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