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Could someone help a new guy out here..

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I've been lurking here for a while now and finally mustered up the courage to post. I'm starting to build my first home theatre system and for the longest time have been sold on KEF's Q series but recently through Reddit I was introduced to Norway's Arendal Sound. They're an internet direct company. I can't decide to keep on pursuing the KEFs or make the switch to the Arendal's..

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G'day Trent.  Welcome to the forum mate.


A key piece of advice given frequently is to trust your own ears.

Have you heard the Arendals?


Personally, I would require more than a recommendation from Reddit or similar...  but, you're in the right place here...  there's a wealth of information and equipment available through SNA, not to mention the friends and members.


Another key is patience.  Do the research and keep an eye out.

Set your requirements and limits...  then go for it.


Enjoy the ride.


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