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Hello !


I'm new to the forum and the home audio scene. 


Looking at grabbing a bargain stereo amplifier for sub $1000,  to go with a topping d50 and pair of pioneer sp-fs52.


I've also heard this is the place to come for the best reviews so will start trawling for some tech wisdom.







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I just as of late joined the discussion since I began to get into home sound. I as of late purchased a Sony STR-DG910 from Circuit City and I love the measure of HDMI inputs it has, yet I presently can't seem to purchase speakers so I dont like the way that the passthrough will just permit video to my TV. I've been bantering among Klipsch and Polk speakers for some time now, and I've investigated them to death. I might want to get floor standing speakers without spending excessively, and a bunch of Polk Screen 50s appear great to me based off the surveys I've perused. I needed to go with Klipsch Collaboration SS.5s, however it appears as though they don't do lows very much based off what I've perused. I calculated a decent sub would be sufficient to deal with that, and I had chosen getting a Limitlessness PS-212. In the event that it's not to a lot to ask I might want to hear a few thoughts on which set of speakers would better go with my reciever, and a few sentiments about the Limitlessness subwoofer.

snaptube vidmate word to pdf

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