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Free 5x speakers. I f

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Item: 5x speakers
Price Range: FREE!!!
Item Condition: Used

Location Epping, NSW
Extra Info:

I received these 5 speakers from SNA, they have kept teh music flowing in our house, but it has come to move them on to another home. 

There are 2x Marantz 3 way speakers - one of them is a rebuilt clone I believe. all drivers work, but they are not in the best condition. 

I have notised a slight tear in one of the mid range driver. 

1x medium sized 2 - way - was used a centre channel, I am unsure of the speaker brand. 

2x smaller "realistic" speakers that I used a computer speakers. 


They are for anyone who wants them, 

Wife wants them gone sooner or later. 


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Sorry forgot to put in the location
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The grey two way is a Tannoy and one of what you described as a Marantz, looks like a Coral to me.  The Coral bass drivers are excellent.

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Thanks Red for giving more insight into these speakers. 
** I forgot to add the location** sorry guys 

P.s it is in Epping , NSW

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