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Suggestions for an upgrade?

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Hello hello, I've currently got a Pioneer SPL-100 which I've had for a few years and now I'm considering my options to upgrade it. I would appreciate some guidance before I post in the WTBs


Budget-wise I'm thinking $500 but could go higher if there was a good opportunity to get something special. I like something very simple, no need for inbuilt phono stage, digital outputs or anything like that.


The music I pay mostly 60s and 70s jazz/soul/blues, contemporary acoustic, ambient and also soundtracks. Lots of strings and vocals, played at low volumes!


I like the ida of something that is super solid and was thinking of one of the resin based Kenwood KDXX, it does help that they look so nice too.


And then on the other hand I've always liked Rega's for their simplicity and and found a Planar (I think a P2 but it doesn't actually have a number on so not sure) from '87 on eBay that looks like it could be nice, but maybe more of a sideways step than an upgrade? 


Thanks, sorry for the broad nature of the question but ant advice (however broad) would be really helpful.




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On the rega’s id start at the rp3. (P3)

from memory theres the better tonearm and platter compared to p2. Plus a perfect start to the upgrade if you like that.

i think you’d get one here for around your budget


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