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Replacing Edifier S360DB for PC desk system

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Hi All,

Firstly I apologise if this is the wrong forum/category to post this question.

I'm thinking of moving my Edifier s360DB's from my computer desk into my room to serve a TV/Movie speaker system role.
I'd love to get suggestions on a 2.1 system to replace these and maybe step away from the all in one systems I've had so far (logitech, this etc.).

  • Budget: I'd love to match what the s360db are worth (~$600-$700), but I'd go up to $1k. Of course definitely tell me if this isn't realistic and more needs to be invested!

  • Use: Pretty much only for music

  • I have a big desk, so I could accommodate speakers larger than the s360DB

  • I absolutely need a subwoofer. It would be cool if it was wireless like the one with the s360db, but not at all necessary.

Thanks in advanced for any suggestions!

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How goes the search, Tom?


If you haven't made any progress, I recommend going to a place like Store DJ (depends on where you're located) and getting their friendly staff to demo some active studio monitors for you. In my own experience I've found active desktop speakers used by pro musicians and engineers to be a good step up from the "all in one" systems you've been listening to.


Some examples that I've enjoyed listening to, and in your general price range: ADAM Audio T series, JBL LSR series, and Eve Audio SC series. I mention "series" because they all come in various sizes to suit your need (and budget). The best part is that there are subwoofers within those product lines so it shouldn't be a problem finding one that matches.


Aside from pro studio monitors, there are some consumer-oriented active speakers that I can think of. I've had a pair of Audioengine A5's and rate them very highly. You could add their S8 subwoofer and squeak in under your $1k budget. I haven't had any experience, but Kanto have very similar offerings and I've read good things about them. What I run now are a pair of KEF LSX's, which go beyond your budget, but you may find worthwhile. (I did!) Again, the best place to start is to go to a hi fi store to get some guidance and some listening experience with the options available to you.


Good luck with your search, and please keep us up to date with how things go for you 🙂

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Thanks for the awesome response here :)

The search has taken a backseat to other priorities but it is definitely something I want to return to at some point soon.

I may hop in to the local Store DJ and give a few units a demo.

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Edifier S3000Pro is well reviewed. They sound very acceptable to me in my bedroom. I imagine for near field listening in a fixed position in front of a PC they would be even better. My experience says they have too much bass and so a sub is not needed. But you might prefer otherwise. You may also consider Edifier to Edifier to be a sideways move rather than an upgrade.


Alternatively, a Yamaha WXV50 + eBay floorstanders (secondhand or new) might be within your budget. Currently there is a pair of Wharfedale Crystal CR-30.5 for under $500.


Personally, my PC audio is via TOSLINK to a Sony receiver DA2400ES powering a pair of floorstanding Tangent EVO E34. These two cost around $3k at the time of purchase approx 10 years ago and still sound as good as the day I bought them. I think a similar setup like the Yamahas I mentioned above would fall within your budget and sound similarly good.

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