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Replacement Recommendations AV Receiver or should I go down separates path?

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Hi All, 


Am looking for some recommendations for new AV Receiver to replace old Primare SPA21 which did a fantastic job to be honest for both movies and music reproduction. Tried to have it repaired but no longer supported and parts not available according to repairer and Primare. I am now using it for just for music in bypass mode as only option available and sound is still good, unfortunately end of Home Theatre life. 


I have a Yamaha RX-V477 as my back up which is now being used for Home Theatre it does the job for now. 

Other equipment: 


Primare BD32 BluRay player

Sony UBP-X700 4K player

Dynaudio Audience 72 (5.1 config) 4 ohms speakers


I've been doing some research and am leaning towards Anthem MXR 1120 as a comparison or Arcam AVR10 but read that Arcam in general has some reliability issues.  Haven't listened to either of them as yet just some googling on reviews to date. Budget wise comfortable with $5K could go to $8K - $10K max.  The Max budget would need to blow me out of the water at that price point. Mainly looking for Home Theatre but also Music in case the Primare decides to give up totally.


Happy to hear thoughts and recommendations.





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:welcome:to the forum...


If you have the space and budget, a separate AV processor plus a multi channel amp is the way to go. An AV processor is usually better built eg Anthem AVM60 is better than the MRX 1120 for music because of better analogue stages.  And no need to change the amp for next upgrade.


Don't believe that there is much difference in reliability between Anthem and Arcam (had Anthem, now Arcam).  


If you do not mind an older model, this is worth considering



Suggest going Anthem, Arcam or NAD because they run the best room correction software (Anthem Room Correction or Dirac Live) for both movies and music. It does make a difference.

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Thanks Snoopy8 for the advice, yeah I could look at seperate's so would need an Amp + Processor. 

The Primare SPA21 when I bought it didn't have the latest technology at the time was back to basics and probably more neutral musically oriented than Home Theatre. The Arcam link that you provided looks quite interesting so what would you recommend for AMP to match this? 


Thanks MC

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6 hours ago, MC12 said:

The Arcam link that you provided looks quite interesting so what would you recommend for AMP to match this? 

I have the AVR550 and it produces more than enough power. An external amp is not likely to be needed.

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I was thinking separates but ultimately got a Denon x8500 for under 6k.  At that price it seemed nuts to go with separates path which just seemed to be blowing out the cost for incremental gain.  It has preamp mode if I ever decide I need extra power.   And when it gets old it’s easy to hand down to someone else cos it has the amps.  Also software etc has worked flawlessly - something other vendors have been struggling with.  Last thing I want to be doing is messing about with firmware to get some feature or other to work.

If you are mainly HT then I can’t imagine being dissapointed.  For music it’s also good although I am fortunate to have a second setup for that.  

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Thanks Steam I have sort of wondered what extra do you incrementally gain with separates for the almost double the price. 
Yes Hifi can be a money pit not as much as boats. (I’m glad I don’t own one!)
The primate receiver is working fine for Music with Direct Passthrough and have Primare CD player so DACs are good. 
So in similar position to you re Music even though oddly not what it was originally bought for. Might take a good look at the Denon had them in past and happy with them sound quality was pretty good rom memory. 

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I also find myself in a similar situation. I have the Primare SPA21 and find it to be excellent for music reproduction with my elac fs 249 speakers and for driving a 5.1 system. I'm looking to move to 7.1.6 and was looking to add a newer receiver and another amp for the additional channels. But like you which amp - another primare?

What is wrong with your SPA21?

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Hi Manta_act,

Nice to hear from another Primare owner, your right they are spot on for music reproduction. I do. like their styling and quality of build. Unfortunately the only thing it can do is play music via bypass mode and still sounds good for music/ so will probably keep this for audio and then look for something else for Home Theatre . All the HT side Dolby Digital side has died and Primare no longer have parts for this model I was told. I did here that they were looking at bringing out the SPA25 later this year but could be early next year the way its going so maybe worth having a look at this? 

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