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Measurements for Australian speakers

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Late night rant.




I'm enough of an objectivist to believe proper measurements are a valuable tool when short-listing speakers.


They can be found for most international speakers if you search hard enough.


But (and especially since AVhub was swallowed by What Hifi) they seem to be impossible to find for Australian speakers.


I'm sure SGR, VAF, Lenehan, Duntech and their ilk do measurements, but none seem to publish them.


SGR quote 28hz-23khz for the CX4F, for example, but that figure is meaningless.


Please, manufacturers, free your figures!



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I was thinking about this a while back when I was considering the Krix Esoterix Altum, as I'd seen a photo of the speaker in pieces at Krix HQ and a Kippel poster on the wall in the background. Sadly, I couldn't find anything. They clearly measure it, but publish nothing. It hurt them a tiny bit in the end, as I bought some Dynaudio Special Forty instead (personal, subjective verdict still out on those at the minute).


That said, I get it, to some extent. Speaker design seems to be all about engineering compromises - and compromises are something internet forum-goers attack like frenzied sharks, often based on their own biases about which compromises are valid and which aren't. Not something you want to weather if you're a small manufacturer already struggling to get people in front of your product.


Not that I'm advocating hiding data, but it can be hard to stand on your measurements when they are largely viewed through a lens of 'is it Harman enough'? 

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More so, than just measurements ( which are useful ), is knowing of the many design considerations. Have a look at Australian ER audio, where you are given insight, into how the individual speaker materials, each influence the audio result.  http://www.eraudio.com.au/index.html


Being given insight at the manufacturing level, is  simply the best and way above just bland measurements IMO , as you can see the enormous effort being made, and get to understand every nuance of why the speaker does what it actually does.

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ER Audio is a positive example of what should be done. Their website is kind of amateurish, and they have definite bias to stats. But they are transparent about that and at least provide some objective backup.


And kudos to Legend for at least providing something, although what they actually show is not even close to the info that someone like KEF or Revel provides, or what Stereophile and Soundstage share.


Harman are the gold standard, of course, for providing measurements and convincing the world to make them the Holy Grail. 


Personally, I am not a fan of the Harman Curve. Choosing a target curve because most people like it is not the same (IMHO) as choosing a curve which is accurate. Most people seem to like boosted bass and rolled off highs.


I don't.


But I do believe in flat anechoic response and consistent dispersion. And properly done measurements gives me a baseline from which to shortlist.


Speakers that measure well can and do sound quite different. There are different ways to approach goodness.


But speakers that measure badly always (again IMHO) sound wrong. Many may like that wrongness (hence the inexplicable appeal of B&W and PMC speakers), but I'd prefer to know it first.


If, as the designer, you feel measurements are stupid, then have the cojones to express that opinion. 


I get extra annoyed when Aussie manufacturers quote  '27-20,000hz!' without qualifying it in any way. It could be +/- 20db. Or +/- 2dB. 


And yes, I am specifically picking on SGR. But VAF, Lenehan and Krix are just as guilty.


It is interesting that Australian manufacturers of high end studio monitors, like Event, do publish measurements. Because they know audio professionals demand them.




We should demand the same.



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2 hours ago, GregWormald said:

Give Stuart at SGR a call, he's most approachable.



Note: I'm biased.


But that's not that point. If they were available online then one wouldn't have to and that would surely save time all round.

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