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G'day everyone member from Sunny Coast

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Hi all,

I've been following this forum for a few months now & decided it was time to sign up.:party

I have always enjoyed listening to music & have really just started to enjoy it, especially in 2 channel stereo with no special sound modes or effects. It is a challenge to find that "quiet" time & listen to music with four kids in the house.:)

I look forward to future chat with you all.

Cheers Jase

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Hi Jase,

Welcome and enjoy. Join in the fun when you can. Music should be there while the kids are around, that way they get to learn as well. My kids (now 17 & 20) either say Yeaaaa Dad or OH-NOOOO turn it down


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Guest Willow

Welcome aboard Mushy , we Queenslanders are slowly catchin' up to the other states member wise , could be a coup d' e'tat

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