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WTB: CD player or transport

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Item: CD player or transport - bonus if SACD too
Price Range: Up to $1,200
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info: Bel Canto transport, or similar would be ideal - strong preference for black.


I have another listing for CD/SACGD WTB, however I am cooling on the need for SACD.






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I do not have much in that price range, maybe Roksan Caspian and Sony CDP-338ESD (which I used to use as transport for couple of years, until I got CDP-X7ESD which has a nicer loader) and Cambridge DiscMagic 1 Transport but I am sure others will have plenty of offerings.

Maybe also a couple of Chinese offerings but mechanisms in these are too modern for a good transport.

4 hours ago, Unsound said:

however I am cooling on the need for SACD

From a person who fixes CD players, this is a right choice.

SACD units are glorified DVD players and feature $10 DVD mechanisms. Hardly a basis for a Transport. Kind of like Subaru Vortex sports car of decades back. It had a futuristic look but under the hood, there was 1.8 litre naturally aspirated engine which produced 93 hp. :-) 

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Hi, @Unsound


I have a Primare CD31 you could have.


it has been upgraded by a guy that used to build amplifiers down in the ACT (Naquadria - Bill Crampton) If you want more detail on this I have an invoice for the work.


It has XLR output and digital coax/AES EBU output and works fabulously as a high end transport.


it is in very good condition and I have the packaging and remote etc.

I have not used it in my system for a year as I stream now. I have attached an old pic.


I would be after $550 plus post.


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Hi, I have an Arcam FMJ CD37 SACD for sale, I guess I have listed it and wanted to see how much interest there is in it. I am also open to offers as my wife is sick of seeing CD players all round the house.



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