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New room, new system - LX521

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Nearly finished an 18 month ball-ache of a reno, just needing skiting boards, curtains and finishing a pair of Ultimax 12" ported subs.


Speakers are a bit of a hybrid - Linkwitz LX521 with Minidsp 'cept the bass drivers which are Eminince Beta 15A I happed to have lying around - this is a low-as-possible-cost project. Amps are NAD receiver powering upper 6 channels, Minidsp PWR-ICE on the bass drivers. There is an Arcam receiver in there that will be used as pre-amp for movies. Still need to hook up rear in walls (budget Polk RC60i). Have wired for x 4 Atmos ceiling speaks but that might only happen a year or two from now.


Sounds pretty good considering the room, still need to move in a dozen Hofa diffusors and broadband absorbers I have stashed under the house. Nice comfy and quiet room though - underfloor heating, double glaze windows and R6 batting walls, floor and ceiling.


The pink ceiling...I lost that argument with my wife. 






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