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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Payment Method: Paypal (+paypal fees), EFT, Cash on pIck up
Reason for selling: NLR


Further information: This is the Legendary Leben CS600

Purchased from Soundlabs by me

I have original box, but this is a very heavy item. I would prefer it to be collected. 

Should purchaser which for it to be posted/couriered this can be arranged at purchaser's cost, but insurance would also be needed to be arranged. 

Currently new model retails for $7,999.00


Photos: of the actual item are set out below.

(please note that there is a small mark on the left side of the unit (refer to photograph below), but other than that unit is in Excellent physical and working condition)

Unit has been owned by me for about 5 years but has had minimal use due to number of amps I have.  It has and no more than 30hrs worth of use. As I said it is an excellent unit. It has the original tubes which are in excellent condition as unit has seen minimal use. Unknown-1.thumb.jpeg.df0f3b7b2cf9c953a18522e627d36bf7.jpegUnknown-7.thumb.jpeg.d8860b4fb0b2d61bfbf66174bbcfe087.jpegUnknown-4.thumb.jpeg.25fa9314b74a817a6be84b283ffff4f1.jpegUnknown-8.thumb.jpeg.673f493294b2f452ac863a343488640f.jpegUnknown-3.thumb.jpeg.40bb3575b80928b1f7f7bd8488352e12.jpegUnknown-6.thumb.jpeg.94e9d108de59a8655eac60156f56ba16.jpegUnknown-5.thumb.jpeg.90930a6a13882e43c04e0b55e7967dfa.jpegUnknown.thumb.jpeg.d181501036ec3df1f8a52eab7ad59943.jpeg




There has been a fair bit written about this unit. These are some of those articles:








Please note sale is for unit only, no cables. 

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10 minutes ago, Flynnyfalcon said:

Such a beautiful amp in every way. Throw in some KT120’s and this will absolutely sing. 

please use KT120 with care as it is not performing to its optimum for this amp. found the following response from a member here.

It is true that many CS600 owners(and we also) using KT120, however,
we are unable to estimate how it will affect to the amp after many years.
At least KT100 was perfectly no problem.
(As KT120 tube itself is a very new tube and nobody has tested it for
many years)
Winged C 6L6GC and 6n3ce are also very nice tubes.
We also love 350B tube for CS600.
Best regards.
Yoshi Hontani

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I wish............an amp on my bucket list, but unfortunately the time isn't right. GLWS

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20 minutes ago, markm1111 said:

I wish............an amp on my bucket list, but unfortunately the time isn't right. GLWS

Me too. 

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This is a truly great integrated and at this price surely cannot last the day.


It's a shame they never made it with a remote - one would definitely be in system now.

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Great price, these keep their value for good reason and I have not seen one at this price in Australia.

Absolute thing of beauty in the flesh, my wife still hasn’t forgiven me for not buying one.



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