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the new kid on the block- classified posting issue

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Hello to all the audio enthusiasts out there!


My name is Matt and I'm currently living in Melbourne.


I have been a silent lurker for a while, a good friend recommended this place as a wealth of knowledge and experience, plus a decent marketplace for high quality audio gear.


My setup is humble but I am enjoying the journey of upgrades so I'll list it for now:


harman kardon hk70 integrated amp (been with me for 17 years)

Mcintosh c47 preamplifier

rega planar 6 turntable with ania cartridge

focal electra 1027s speakers

1 x REL t7i sub

custom ordered mogami speaker cable and interconnects


I currently have a dream and am investing hard to upgrade to:

 focal sopras (No. 3 hopefully)

Mcintosh mc 452/462 power amp


I love a wide variety of music from rock, jazz, funk, classical, hip hop, progressive metal, techno, minimal, downtempo etc. etc. 


I love looking at the forums and reading the wisdom of the Jedi masters! 


I am also having difficulty posting in the classifieds section, I have opened several different browsers (safari, chrome, duck duck & go) but can't seem to post. The options to post/sell are blocked out. Any advice/ assistance would be much appreciated please.


Cheers and look fwd to being a part of the community.







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If you've been lurking for a while, you may have noticed that you have to wait for a Mod or Admin to approve your account to post in there.


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