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Item Condition: Very Good
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Payment Method: PayPal (+3%), Cash on Pickup, EFT
Reason for selling: Upgraded, NLR

Further information:


Designed for low voltage MC cartridges

Gain is set to 66dB

Input impedance 150 ohms

RRP when new ~ £1,300 or ~ AUD 2,300


The Audio Synthesis Passion phono stage is a simple design, with a high quality Linear Power Supply (separate box) connected to the phono pre-amp via a shielded cable and 6pin DIN plug.

It is designed to amplify the very low level signal from the cartridge to provide a line level signal to use as input to the rest of the HiFi system (ie. a pre amp or integrated amp). And IMHO it does this job very well indeed.


Description from Audio Synthesis product info::

“The Passion Phono is set up for a gain of 66dB and input impedance 150 ohms in parallel with 1 nF of capacitance.

The input resistance of 150 ohms is fixed to ensure ultra-low noise performance. Most low output moving coil cartridges would be suitable for use with the Passion Phono which was designed to have extremely low noise and a high gain” 


The construction of this phono stage feels like an ‘Uber engineered’, ‘built to last’ piece of British HiFi. One finds few of these units available for sale but they are still highly regarded by analog enthusiasts.

I purchased this unit with my Linn LP12 turntable around 5 years back, and have used it with the Linn ‘Arkiv B’ MC cartridge and the Linn Krystal MC cartridge.

I can confirm is works incredibly well with a low output moving coil cart, and the impedance of 150 ohms is a very good match for the Linn cartridge.


Reason for selling:

This was a massive SQ improvement over my Linn amp with an integrated phono stage, so I have used it for a number of years and still love the tonally neutral, open and detailed sound it provides.

I upgraded a few months ago to a Sutherland amp (with its own high-end MC phono stage), therefore the AS Passion is no longer used in my main system.

My advice to vinyl enthusiasts - if you have a built-in phono stage in your amp, there is a very good chance that a dedicated phono-stage will give you a wonderful improvement in SQ.

I’d be very happy to provide further information to anyone interested.

I’ll include a high quality VanDenHul interconnect which I used with this phono stage so it’s an easy ‘plug in’ into an existing system.


PM me with any questions. And I’d welcome any honest feedback - if you feel the pricing isn’t at the right level for this product.







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