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99% Ethanol / Ethyl Denatured Alcohol vs isopropyl alcohol

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I'm pretty confident that either would work well for cleaning records without ill-effect.


There's a comparison between isopropyl and ethyl alcohols for cleaning electronic equipment here:



I don't think it raises any concerns about either for record cleaning.

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I also found some other information on the compatibility of alcohols with PVC. This would be for pure alcohol (of each type). At the concentration used in record cleaning I'd say only one of them (benzyl)  would pose a concern. But I note that Ethyl is the only other alcohol  which rates less than good.


Chemical               Compatibility
Alcohols: Amyl A2-Excellent
Alcohols: Benzyl D-Severe Effect
Alcohols: Butyl A2-Excellent
Alcohols: Diacetone B1-Good
Alcohols: Ethyl C-Fair
Alcohols: Hexyl A2-Excellent
Alcohols: Isobutyl A1-Excellent
Alcohols: Isopropyl A1-Excellent
Alcohols: Methyl A1-Excellent
Alcohols: Octyl N/A
Alcohols: Propyl A1-Excellent


Ratings: Chemical Effect
A = Excellent.
B = Good, Minor Effect, slight corrosion or discoloration
C = Fair, Moderate Effect, not recommended for continuous use. Softening, loss of strength, or swelling may occur.
D = Severe Effect, not recommended for ANY use.

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10 hours ago, woopwoop360 said:

Can I use 99% Ethanol / Ethyl Denatured Alcohol instead of isopropyl alcohol in my DIY ultrasonic record cleaner?

You do mean as an additive to water, don't you?


If so, then yes. But if you mean filling the tank with it.... That would be a hard NO.

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Some good info, thanks guys.

I'm currently using Ilford Ilfotol and considered using Tergikleen and polysorbate 20 for a low toxic alternative surfactant.

I recently watched this video on surfactants, might be interesting too others. 



My current solution I use with my ultrasonic cleaner is,

10lts of distilled water

300mls of isopropyl alcohol 99%

about 12ml of Ilford Ilfotol


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Some pics of my diy cleaner. I made this a few years when I needed a project, while I was recovering for about 12 months after chemo treatment.

It looks a bit amateurish, a lack of skills and tools.20160905_181420.thumb.jpg.29eaa1123274c5d6da2a8cb5619c8a68.jpg









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