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Evening Lads & greetings from a chilly West Wyalong.   Finally arrived at Mum’s place last week, on the road for 25 hours, including a 4 hour sleep in the car, and stopping every hour fo

Playing some Xmas albums:           --Geoff    

Hi All,   Some Steely Dan - Aja and Pretzel Logic.     JJ

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Susumu Yokota - Sakura -- rummaging through one of my multiple boxes of unripped CDs today, and found this electronic gem that I must have brought back from the USA many years ago and promptly forgot about. Better late than never, I guess :lol:



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On 31/07/2020 at 11:10 PM, 2Brix said:

Il Divo - The Greatest Hits.  Another CD i bought a few years ago and recently 'found' still wrapped/unopened. IMO a pretty good sounding redbook and one of my fave tracks is Alone (Heart) delivered with gravitas, crystal clear vocal and intoxicating strings/orchestral accompaniment.  Oh....and Hero (M Carey) ...and Unbreak (Toni Braxton) etc.



i have a few of their

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Hi All,


Brian Eno, Music For Installations CD #2, A single piece: 77 Million Paintings ( 43:57 )





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Radiohead - In Rainbow

Buy In Rainbows Online at Low Prices in India | Amazon Music Store ...

If there was a list for "the perfect album" (works well as a whole, has an explicable emotional arc through it, etc.) this would definitely be in my top 10 (excluding classical).

Other candidates off the top of my head being Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here, The Church The Blurred Crusade, Dylan Highway 61 (and probably Blood on the Tracks), Velvet Underground and Nico, Cave No More Shall We Part, Miles Kind Of Blue, Massive Attack Mezzanine , Sigur Ros Agaetis Bryjun.


Hmm.  That's 10. But that is just my opinion. And I am sure there would have been another thread for prosecuting this point of view (or two) if I was actually trying to start something. :)   And shows why it is safer to have Desert Island media player with 1TB sd card.

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