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Steven Wilson/The Future Bites.


Was going to post this on the Prog Forum. Though it's not quite prog....or is it?


After a few listens, not sure if l am elated or dissapointed. Don't get me wrong...its still a great album. It's still Steven Wilson (bloody genius that he is). But I'm not sure l quite like the direction he has taken. As in no guitar (well a little bit). Which l think is his signiture. Says he has gone off the guitar...Sob.  Hope it's only a passing phase. But he says not.


What do other people think of this album. It's no Hand Cannot Erase. But it is quite catchy, with plenty of hooks.


But l did read quote recently, that he wasn't done with Porcupine Tree. Here's Hoping. That would be a nice balance, if he stays on the electronica path.

👌 K


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Underworld & The Necks - Drift -- part of the Drift series, this contains some live improvisations betwen dance dabblers Underworld and Antipodean jazz jammers The Necks. Although I've swapped the 34min Appleshine Continuum on the Bandcamp version with the full 47 min version from the single version on Tidal. Dunno why the bandcamp download is shorter 😕


edit: ... prolly to fit all the tracks on a CD.



For those interested Appleshine Continuum is 34' through the zdigital service. 

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Fire! - The Hands


Not so easily categorised as jazz?? Albeit a good dose of it mixed into its fusion of influences.  But I DO know it is currently spinning.

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The Blue Nile ‎– High - 2020 vinyl pressing of the 2004 album. wonderful sounding release on vinyl for the first time.



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