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This is a good guide, but Hot Rats first.  Put Apostrophe and Overnight Sensation at the bottom of this list of the top albums.





The Shortlist! (a good mix of Frank over the years)

  • Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation

  • Hot Rats

  • Zoot Allures

  • We're Only in it For the Money

  • Sheik Yerbouti

  • One Size Fits All



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42 minutes ago, RankStranger said:


I thought this might be a good primer but at 68 tracks it’s kinda overwhelming. 


Ok, nerds. Where should I start with Frank Zappa?

Bear in mind I've probably only heard about half of Frank's output, so these are a few favourites.

Uncle Meat (double album)

Waka Jawaka/ Hot Rats

Chunga's Revenge

Overnite Sensation.

This track from Overnite Sensation features fusioneers George Duke and Jean-Luc Ponty with Frank doing some shredding.


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Hi All,


Endless Melancholy, November. Ambient music, predominantly piano with occasional string instruments and wind instruments. 





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The Chemical Brothers - Leave Home -- a single from back in the day, with remixes from Underworld and Sabres Of Paradise. 



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Kyson - A Book Of Flying -- I heard a kinda whispered acoustic ditty on one of wifey's TV shows, and thought that it may have been a Jose Gonzales track with which I am unfamiliar, but turns out to be from this young Aussie bloke living in Berlin. Other tracks have more electronics, but are still softly sung and kinda gauzy. Noice. Streaming via the tidals.



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