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Evening Lads & greetings from a chilly West Wyalong.   Finally arrived at Mum’s place last week, on the road for 25 hours, including a 4 hour sleep in the car, and stopping every hour fo

Playing some Xmas albums:           --Geoff    

Pink Floyd - Meddle.

Evening Folks.


Big respect for @Billy Shears...  putting me onto this album...  this artist...  and so many other fine recordings.


Running the Celefs with temporary AR tweeters, from the Optonica amp...  wav files from the media player...  Not too shabby at all.


I'm quite new to Jazz, and this artist has already been a high light, with three albums I now have on the hard drive.


Patricia Barber  'Modern Cool'


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Robert Fripp - Love Cannot Bear -- soundscapes from the King Crimson guitarist. I still think A Blessing Of Tears is his best album in this style. Streaming via the tidals.



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Smashing Pumpkins - Cyr - new double album.


Interesting sound Billy has gone for. Gone is the lean, mean and bright sound of Shiny And Oh So Bright and into its place is a full sounding album that just wants you to crank it. It has a lot of bass with beautiful keyboards and Billy's vocals sound great - No real guitars to speak of - This is a BIG sound - Colour of your Love and Cyr sound amazing up LOUD.

Only problem is the vinyl mastering is cut low, you have to crank the volume and because it sounds so good loud,  the coloured vinyl noise is more obvious in between tracks. This mastering would really sound superb on ultra quiet black vinyl. I chose the Orchid over the Ivory as generally darker colours sound better - sort of want to hear the ivory now.
Only played the first two sides so far, but so far its the synth pop album Billy has always threatened to do - excellent stuff.


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