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6 minutes ago, metal beat said:

Emily Wells ‎– Mama - experimental folk rock, lovely






Truly great cover......so cute! Start 'em young!B|


I wonder if that is Emily as a tot?

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Delivering milk to a cafe this morning and they were playing an early Stones song or playlist 

Sounded incredible 

So here I am in the air conditioning listening to the first 4 records in mono for a few hours





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Playing a new purchase....popped into JB HiFi today to grab a CD of AC/DC's 'Ballbreaker' (an album I'd somewhat ignored until recently....more fool me!).....for playing in the car.....AC/DC supplies superb driving music. New vinyl of this same album should arrive later this week or next week (from Russia!). :party


This is one underrated album IMO. Highlights for me are Hail Caesar, The Furor, Burnin' Alive, Whiskey On The Rocks , Hard As A Rock, Caught With Your Pants Down and Ballbreaker. There's a real ballsy blues/boogie theme running right through this album.B|



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Got my r2r going, unfortunately pre-recorded tapes are expensive,  so all I could afford is this, hope the neighbours like opera. 



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