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Evening Lads & greetings from a chilly West Wyalong.   Finally arrived at Mum’s place last week, on the road for 25 hours, including a 4 hour sleep in the car, and stopping every hour fo

Playing some Xmas albums:           --Geoff    

Pink Floyd - Meddle.



Inventions - Maze Of Woods -- a collaboration between a bloke from Eluvium and a bloke from Explosions In The Sky ... sounds good in theory but idano doesn't seem to capture the best bits of either. Howver there are remixes from The Field, Leyland Kirby (aka The Caretaker) and A Winged Victory For The Sullen to make things more interesting. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp for today.



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On 11/11/2020 at 5:45 PM, Dilettanteque said:

Let's see if this encourages the love....


Bob Dylan - Planet Waves

Bob Dylan - Planet Waves - 1st + Insert - EX - Amazon.com Music


Forever Young, Hazel, Tough Mama, Something There Is About You, Going, Going, Gone....what's not to love. 


You better be quick @Dilettanteque


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I’m sticking with Richard

My favourite of his Prussian Blue

His first record

And far more important than playing them my shrine to Australian music

Right up there on the wall with the American and British rock Gods😀





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7 hours ago, keyse1 said:

Richard Clapton

Bet no one has seen a picture when he looked like this

4 great consecutive records 

The good old days😀




What, minus the coke? Saw him live more times than I care to remember, and have strong memories of him under the influence of his chemical sugar.


Is that John Cleese on the album cover demonstrating one of his famous silly walks?

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Who else went to an actual shop (brick and mortar) and bought this from the shelf on release day?



Feelin' like the 90's all over again. Wait for release date, go to the shop, get your record, good times!


Sounds like AC/DC (or Tesla/Edison as a colleague told me yesterday).


Liking it so far.





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Maserati - Rehumanizer -- more of that trademark combination of 80s synth, vocoder, and guitars, described here as "a marriage of man and machine that plays like a supergroup comprised of Gary Numan, Cluster, and Pink Floyd". Or maybe a heavier Daft Punk. Noice. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp for today only.



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1 minute ago, YCC said:

@keyse1 got this compilation to keep me happy until I pickup "Demons in Disguise" LP from Toronto. Nice "live" version of Bojangles, especially his guitar-playing


Are you going to Canada?

Have you heard Fred Eaglesmith 

He’s a Canadian country music player

Great songwriter and close friend of Bill Chambers and Kasey

Ive driven to Tamworth Newcastle and Gympie to see him play

Great sense of humour 

Any of his first 10 records are great 

Friends of mine saw him in Toronto when they were living there 

Check out Lipstick Lies and Gasoline 


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Midnight Oil - Place Without A Postcard


What a great album to wash the car to. A bunch of great old fashioned righteous indignation when looking at the world and enough fury to belt it out with passion.  Timeless guitar work!

And probably helps explain my love of Silver Mt Zion.

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Marco Lucchi - November Songs -- a compilation featuring a track from modernist Italian composer Marcdo Lucchi, and a whole bunch o' variations from other artists. About 4 hours worth of neoclassical, ambient, drones, noise, etc. Noice. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp.



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