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Evening Lads & greetings from a chilly West Wyalong.   Finally arrived at Mum’s place last week, on the road for 25 hours, including a 4 hour sleep in the car, and stopping every hour fo

Playing some Xmas albums:           --Geoff    

Pink Floyd - Meddle.

14 minutes ago, Billy Shears said:

Please bring that next time? 

For sure Billy.

I have a few others you may like too... digging deep into the hard drives, all the music I've neglected 'til now.


It's a great set, very lively and tight.

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Wonderwall Music by George Harrison. Soundtrack to the film Wonderwall, recorded in 1967-68 by George Harrison. It's a rather curious amalgam of tracks recorded in Bombay (Mumbai) with Indian musicians (including Shivkumar Sharma on santoor), as well as British musicians at Abbey Road Studios, London (including Eric Clapton and Ringo Star).


This is the 2014 remastered CD, and they have done quite a good job. Incidentally, The Inner Light was recorded during the Bombay sessions, and appeared on the B side of The Beatles 'Lady Madonna' single.


Ski-ing, featuring Eric Clapton and Ringo Star.




An alternative instrumental take of The Inner Light, with close to 1 minute of studio chatter at the start (one of three bonus tracks on this release).




After listening to this CD, I did a search for the movie Wonderwall, and was surprised to find it has been fully restored by Pinewood Studios and released on blu-ray in 2014. I have never seen this film, and don't have huge expectations. I suspect it is probably a rather abstract piece of 60s psychedelia, but reviews seem to indicate that the restoration is very good, and being surprisingly inexpensive at around $16 Aus, I was prepared to give it a go, so have placed an order.


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Lazy bugger that i am here's the easy way to list the last couple of weeks listening.




Skalpel: (ST)

Skalpel: Konfusion

Skalpel: Transit

Skalpel: Highlight (vinyl)

Bugge Wesseltoft: Playing

Bugge Wesseltoft & HenningKraggerud: Last Spring

Aki Rissanen: Art in Motion

Ryuchi Sakamoto: Heartbeat

Fionna Apple When the Pawn.....

Blue Note comp: Jazz Remixed

Lars Moller: Kaleidoscope

David Bridie: Act of Free Choice - (Wonderful Album)

Paul van Dyke: Seven Ways

Alan Parsons Project: Best Of (vinyl)




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1 hour ago, Monk said:


Followed that up with Tool.  Again, several albums, but started with Aenima.






Insane as it sounds I have no Tool!! (High voice - yes, but no Tool.) So you started with Aenima, if I wanted to rectify my Tool-less state would you reckon this one would be the best way in?


I have got A Perfect Circle (I'm taking medication for that) 'Mer de Noms'.) So do know a little of what having Tool may be like.


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