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Issue with video cutting out with audio continuing

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I've got a pretty standard setup that I use to watch movies:

  • TV (dumb type with zero bells and whistles) connected via HDMI ARC to AV receiver (Denon AVR-2311)
  • PC connected via HDMI to AV receiver
  • Speakers connected to AV receiver (oh really?)


At random times whether or not anything is playing, the video feed will cut out (TV goes blank) for about 1 or 2 seconds before coming back on (also re-displaying the text that tells you what the video source is) while the audio continues playing. I have not noticed this happening while just watching free-to-air television so just seems to happen when using the PC. I've tried various things like using different HDMI cables, and isolating HDMI cables from power cables (not sure if this does anything?) to limited effect. Also suspected the PC at one point, but the issue also happens when I use a PlayStation 3 and 4 connected to the AV receiver.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be or what else I can try?

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