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GIESELER Kraftwerk II owners thread

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Had the privilege of testing the prototypes of the new 2020 Kraftwerk II range of PSUs.  Currently have 3 models, 12V 2A and a 24V 2A units powering ethernet switches, and a 18V 2.7A unit running an Intel NUC 8i5BEH4.  Please note the prototypes had a fixed voltage, whereas the new models are more flexible with adjustable voltage.


The NUC streamer benefited most from the new PSU. It came with a 90W SMPS. Had the option of using a Kraftwerk I (KWI) 18V 70W Gold Tune Enhanced PSU or the new Kraftwerk II (KWII) 18V 50W PSU, with a new choke and active regulator. I did hesitate with the KWII.  Based on past experience, a higher current PSU was expected to be better because it had more head room.  Also, did wonder whether KWII was powerful enough, delivering just over half the power of the SMPS.


Was I wrong! In back to back comparisons, KWII beat KWI by providing better body and timbre, a more analogue sound.  The saxophone in  Jan Garbarek & the Hilliard Ensemble: Parce Mihi Domini (ECM) never sounded better.  The piano decay was wonderful in Gjeilo: North Country II (2L).  It reinforced my belief that a better PSU for a streamer had a significant influence on its sound quality.


How does the new case compare with the old?  The bigger solid aluminium case looks good and has a premium feel.  An added bonus is that it runs cooler.


Note that you should allow for a burn in time of 1 day, better still 3 days, for the unit to perform optimally.


As mentioned earlier, the prototypes are slightly different to the KWII production models. The main change is the adjustable voltage in the production models. There are also further internal refinements which may have increased their performance slightly. 


The Kraftwerk II is probably the best locally made and designed external linear power supply,  It will at least match, if not beat many, more expensive overseas PSUs.  Add in excellent customer service, the Kraftwerk II should prove to be a winner.


p/s no association with Gieseler Audio, just a happy customer


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Just wondering when the kraftwerk II will be available to order? I am considering ordering a couple next month... If my requirements are for 12v for my Etheregen,  would there be any difference in sound quality between the lower voltage version running at 12v and higher voltage version at 12v?

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Hi @Bricki

both the low voltage & high voltage versions are now available,

If you are mainly wanting it for 12v the lower voltage version would be the best one to go for & it will also run cooler at that voltage.

Sound wise both versions have the same performance so the sound should be the same.

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I have stock of the 12, 15, 16 & 18v units  & with the 5,7,8 & 12v units I'm just waiting on the cases which should be here mid next week.

I was planing to show "in stock" when both models were available.

Anyone after the higher voltage version just private message me & I can arrange a purchase.

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4 hours ago, Gieseler Audio said:

I have stock of the 12, 15, 16 & 18v units  & with the 5,7,8 & 12v units I'm just waiting on the cases which should be here mid next week.

I was planing to show "in stock" when both models were available.

Anyone after the higher voltage version just private message me & I can arrange a purchase.

Ok thanks.... I'm probably about a month away from deciding and ordering 👍

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Yesterday I received my low voltage version of the kraftwerk II 😁👌... very nicely packed and excellent communication and service from @Gieseler Audio


It has been powering my Etheregen at 7v (I might try 9v and 12v later) for about 12 hours and even at these early stages of settling in I can already say that this is an exceptional sounding PSU.


It has replaced the stock SMPS that comes with the Etheregen and I think that the uptick in SQ is at least as impactful if not better than the Etheregen itself which I find to be a very serious piece of HiFi.


Previously I have used a Netgear Gs105 powered by an uptone lps1 at this same location.... The difference with this kraftwerk II/Etheregen combo is extraordinary. The lps1 has gone further upstream to power an edgerouter X.


What I'm hearing so far with the kraftwerk II is a more fluid sound. More dynamic but smoother. Better timbre on everything. Better separation. More depth and decay and a more natural engaging sound. You hear more of the room that the recording was made in and more of the size of the venue in a live performance.... There's more detail and resolution but it's not forced and strained or fatiguing instead it's relaxing and smooth. This is my first @Gieseler Audio product and it has exceeded my expectations by quite a bit.


Next, I will be comparing a high voltage version of the kraftwerk II to my sotm sps500. The sps500 scales up nicely with good power cords and connectors. The sotm will be using a furutech TCS-31 and an FI-50 NCF IEC plug. The IEC plug alone costs $500. From what I've heard with the low voltage version kraftwerk II I think the sotm is going to have a hard time getting close to the performance even with the power cord. And the price difference between the 2 is massively in favour of the kraftwerk II.


So far I'm a very happy customer. I'm already thinking about a kompakt DAC for my next birthday 👍😁



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I have a couple of hours on my high voltage version of the kraftwerk II. It replaced my sotm sps500 with over $1k worth of furutech power cord. It's powering my DAC attached endpoint NUC in akasa fanless case running roon bridge on headless audiolinux 2.6 in ramroot with Apacer industrial RAM... This is a highly modified DIY unit that replaced an sms200 a few years ago. I won't bore you with the details... suffice to say I've spent a lot of time tweaking it.


With only a few hours, the kraftwerk II has a long way to go to settle in properly and yet I can already say that it is clearly superior in every way to the sps500/furutech combo....it just sounds so much more sophisticated, articulate and natural.


I'm going to be raving on about how good the kraftwerk II is for some time I think. It's an exquisite sounding power supply at a bargain price - I couldn't be happier....I might give an update once both units have fully settled in.



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