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Rectifier Diode Search

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Hi all, I'm hoping someone here can help me locate a rectifier diode. About a week ago the PSU for my Acoustic Signature turntable had a meltdown with smoke and lots of really nice smells. It turns out that after 17 years of loyal service, the rectifier diode for the transformer turned into an unrecognisable blob, with very few markings remaining to be sure of the part number or values. An email to Gunther at Acoustic Signature had a reply with photo of the current within 12 hours. The new part is definitely a revision of the original, but Googling the identifiers is drawing up a blank. Most of the suppliers of electronics I have used in the past have specifically supplied to the automotive instrument industry, and are of no help. The part identifier is B125C 2300-1500, as shown in the photo. Any help as to who may supply this is greatly appreciated. 




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It’s a plain vanilla bridge rectifier, 125V RMS, 1.5A (2.3A with heatsink).



Should be straight-forward to replace, but...


This appears to be the type-B pin-out, which is not commonly seen. Most rectifiers in this package have the two AC pins in the middle, rather than AC/+/AC/-. However, the more common WOG package should be easy enough to hook up, e.g. https://docs.rs-online.com/087f/0900766b813040c9.pdf



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